About Us

A Tale of Two Friends…Grace and Mona, as best friends, would plan and coordinate events since their days in high school. Together, they joined many of the same student organizations, and later volunteered for the same non-profits. After returning to Hawai’i, Grace and Mona launched their company in April 2000, and a year later, pursued professional graduate degrees at the University of Hawai’i, while continuing to dedicate themselves to their company and their brides and grooms. Grace and Mona’s professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and warm personalities earned them a strong reputation from both couples and vendors alike, setting the steady business and creative foundations for Weddings by Grace and Mona.

Since then, Grace has gone on to pursue other career interests, but Grace and Mona remain the best of friends, making it a point to catch up with each other by phone daily. Mona now serves as president of WGM and Grace lends Mona her support as a sounding board for Mona’s ideas, source of strength, and personal cheering section for WGM’s achievements and successes.