After replying, “I will,” to the big question, what is your next step to making your wedding wishes come true? Putting together a wedding celebration often calls for the perfect ceremony and reception location and the services of a multitude of different vendors. Where do you begin? Even if you had the time to research all the different vendors and locations available, do you have the time, or do you even want to go about contacting every single option to find out if their services are a good fit for you and if they are available?

Based upon an assessment of your needs and preferences while keeping your budget in mind, we can help you to maximize your time by making specific recommendations for the best:
• Venue
• Custom Invitation Designer
• Formal Attire Salon
• Musician
• Photographer
• Minister
• Hair and Make-Up Artist
• Floral Designer
• Favor Maker
• Videographer
• Caterer
• Limo/Transportation
• Cake Designer
• Invitation

We will schedule appointments for you to go on site inspections and to meet with vendors, and we will even attend those appointments with you. That way, we can ask questions that are specific to your wedding, allowing you to make the best decisions for your wedding.

If you are planning your wedding long-distance, we will send you to websites, e-mail you photos, send you samples, anything to help you make more educated and informed choices, allowing you to feel more confident about the quality of services that you will be getting for your wedding. Furthermore, if you have the luxury of flying to Hawaii to prepare for your wedding, allow us to plan a “wedding planning mission” for you, where we schedule appointments and attend appointments with you, making the most efficient and fruitful use of your time.


For the most comprehensive help with planning and preparing for your wedding day, choose our Complete Consultation and Coordination Services. Your coordinator will take you through the entire planning process, assisting you with finding your venues and vendors, coordinating the details once your vendors have been secured, and being with you throughout your wedding day. The complete consultation and coordination services include wedding consultation, wedding day coordination and much more. The amount of time that we spend on your wedding is unlimited.

Although many do not realize this, everything can be personalized in a wedding to meet your specific expectations. For those couples who wish to do something different, we can arrange for you to have custom designed invitations, a one-of-a-kind wedding cake, a customized menu, bridesmaids dresses and bridal gowns created for you by fashion designers, and even private hula lessons for you to dedicate a special dance to your significant other at your ceremony or reception. We can also coordinate fun or pampering activities for you, your wedding party, and your guests, both leading up to and following your wedding. The possibilities are truly endless, and all of these services are included in our Complete Consultation and Coordination Services.